Imeris Mods

I am no longer accepting commissionsCommission Status: Closed Indefinitely

Edits to any of my mods are allowed. Please credit me. (This only applies to public/free mods.) Do not upload edits [keep them private] until public release.I do allow edits to the 3D model of my sculpts. You may edit ANY part to your liking, but please do not publicly release edits.Do not redistribute or upload my mods anywhere.
Sharing within your household is allowed after purchasing a mod.
I don't mind you sharing with 2-3 friends.
Ports to other games are allowed, under an early access period only - ports may be listed as paid for a limited time.
Link back to the original post.
Do not claim my work as your own.
Absolutely no NSFW ports to Lalafel. No NSFW use in minor characters. Do not use my mods for any sort of bigotry.Porting to any other body is fine, but please credit me.


If you have any questions please contact me by Email or on Twitter.

Twitter : Naori_xiv
Email : [email protected]

Keep in mind not all makeups are by me.